Blue or white food grade diamond pattern conveyor belt for food industry

Product name: 2mm blue food grade pvc diamond pattern conveyor belt
Application areas: 1. Logistics transportation
                     2.Packing and conveying
                     3. Candy delivery, dough delivery
                     4.Vegetable cleaning and conveying
Technical parameters: 1. Thickness 2mm
                      2. Minimum roller diameter: 30mm
                      3. Fixed extension strength: 6N / mm
                      4. Allowable working temperature: -10- + 70 degrees
   Product features: 1. Easy to clean
                        2. Non-slip and climbing conveying
                        4.Low noise
Special processing: punching—specifications, processing positions, and quantities can be customized by the customer.
                     Baffle / stop / skirt——Specification, processing position and quantity can be customized by customers.
                     PVC guide strip PU guide strip K6 K10 K13 K17 K30
Connection mode: open (not connected) the endless belt (connection) port connector, available for selection.

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